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Intel has some "egg on their face" and "foot in their mouth" to gain here:
1. if someone can finally prove that Gallium architecture is performant.
2. leveraging gallium allowed 1/2 guys to do what took 20 Intel engineers.
Well, it's still much slower, so they didn't really do what 20 intel engineers did.

As far as I have seen it intel simply said "gallium is cool but we have been doing classic mesa and don't see much of a benefit of porting the code and learning that stuff etc. so we'll just keep doing what we were doing before".

If i965g gets mainlined again and gets close in features (e.g. only OpenGL 2.1 right now) and performance maybe the intel developers switch over.

Much activity lately, e.g. a very big merge from "origin/master" so I might even be outdated right now.