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Hey, "max out the CPU" doesn't mean you use 100% of each instruction instead of 50% of each instruction. It means you use 100% of instructions instead of 50% of instructions.
If your program is faster, it uses less instructions for the same result, and as such A LOWER PERCENTAGE OF CPU USAGE (as it is calculated as per available instructions, whose number is fixed).

Also, if you have a task that:
- must run on 100% CPU all the time
- doesn't matter what it does during this time
you can underclock your CPU so that it calculates on instruction per year, and sleep the rest of the time. You should get a pretty good efficiency like that.
I thought I added a comment to this exact situation in my original post but I guess I forgot to put it in. The underclocking is a nice idea but a little inconvenient for an end-user. If you're using a server then that ends up being a waste of good hardware.