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Thread: Benchmarks Of The New ZFS On Linux: EXT4 Wins

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidhacker View Post
    First off, this reply should not be taken as representative of my opinions regarding ZFS, but what I really need to suggest to you, is that it is not only ok to support proprietary software, but NECESSARY. It is a very small minded person who thinks that all non-open-source software should be banned in absolute.

    The problem with your reasoning, is that it IS proprietary software that drives the market. Open source software wouldn't exist if not for proprietary software.

    The objective, contrary to your opinion, is not to prevent the existence and/or use of proprietary software, but to maintain USER FREEDOM. This is achieved by making the low level aspects of the machine and its control OPEN. An open source OPERATING SYSTEM, web browser, and basic productivity software.

    The reason why Linux has historically be slow to spread, is because it is generally a hostile environment for proprietary software. For example; Canadian tax day is next week. HOW MANY ACCOUNTING PACKAGES RUN ON LINUX? --- the answer is ZERO. And that is a big problem. Before you try to push people into making their software open, you need them to accept your platform, by making it INVITING to them -- to the developers of proprietary software.

    As a computer user.... I seek the FREEDOM to run the software I CHOOSE, in an environment that is NOT HOSTILE TO ME. The proprietary operating systems are hostile to ME, so I choose not to use them, but this is a difficult choice, because the only platforms that aren't hostile TO ME, are hostile to the developers of software that I may wish to use. Well, at least in terms of desktop operating systems. Android has bridged that gap for mobile devices, hostile to nobody except apple/ms/rim.
    Having worked for proprietary software companies for a few years before founding my own company, I have to say no, there is no good reason to support proprietary software, ever. The primary reason for my opinion is simply that projects I worked on have been killed due to neglect from upper management. This is one of the worst possible fates a software developer can ever see for his life's work, it happens all too often in proprietary software companies, and it can't happen in open source.

    Software freedom is important not only because of the rights that end-users receive. It is important for the rights guaranteed to software developers, and IMO this far outweighs the end-user importance.
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