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Thread: Intel Graphics Will Change In The Linux 3.10 Kernel

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJenbo View Post
    Display-less GPU support might be for Optimus support in cases where the output is on the Nvidia card.
    Makes great sense if you have something with the HD4000 or an AMD APU and a dedicated GPU to use that IGP as a dedicated OpenCL processor. Now all we need is software to make use of it. Lets see if the OSS game devs have the sense to add OpenCL physics to their engines.

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    Anybody know how to lower the maximum turbo frequency? The GPU setting itself to maximum speed causes problems on my laptop when running on battery.

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    I still get random IRQ storms/livelock sometimes when suspend/resume with this kernel. In fact it seems to happen even more often with kernel 3.10 than it did with previous ones :/ very annoying.

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