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Thread: LLVM's Clang Compiler Is Now C++11 Feature Complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepDayze View Post
    Thanks for the clarification, but can using threads rather than separate processes also be useful for parallel operations?
    I'm certain that it can be done, but it just isnt easy. It's very difficult to code for even just 8 threads, but it is relatively simple to spawn 8 processes. The same goes for compilers. C/C++ is simply not suitable for parallel workloads. I don't think it ever will be. I don't think we'll see commonplace massively parallel code bases until c/c++ gets displaced. It trains people to think in serial. There are workloads that are inherently parallel but that you see is written in a very serial way. And it is commonplace. It's because it just isnt made for parallelism. and people get so used to the concepts that it enforces that they can't think any other way.
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