Have looked on the Vuzix VR920 (HMD) and it got my interest, but Iam a ATI card owner so as it seems it would not work so good with these glasses.

Thought about buying a "cheap" FireGL card only to test this, my question is:

Will a FireGL card work with this kind of glasses!? (Win or Linux doesn't matter)

And which of the FireGL card's will be req. to get it work, seems like it is only V7600 up that support 3D stereoscopic graphic(or am I wrong?).

It would be nice if it worked in atleast 1(one) game, main purpose will be for development. So I'll be happy if I got something able to get those glasses up with 3D,
maybe possible with my HD3870 using "draw_to_texture"!?

Have been some time I last was in the stereoscopic section in OpenGL but as I understand it, it would work with whatevercard that support quad-buffering.. think FireGL has this.

So if you have any "good to know" information about this please don't hesitate to reply!

Also recommendations on good HMD's is welcome, it's hard to find high res. one's (>640x480 & > 70" at 9feet)!

Thank you