Here is Con Kolivas, who wrote some popular Linux schedulers.

He reviewed the Solaris scheduler and it seems he like it:

"...The summary of my impression was that I was... surprised. Now I don't claim to be any kind of expert on code per-se. I most certainly have ideas, but I just hack together my ideas however I can dream up that they work, and I have basically zero traditional teaching, so you should really take whatever I say about someone else's code with a grain of salt. Well, anyway, the [Solaris] code, as I saw it, was neat. Real neat. Extremely neat. In fact, I found it painful to read after a while. It was so neatly laid out that I found myself admiring it. It seems to have been built like an aircraft. It has everything that opens and shuts, has code for just about everything I've ever seen considered on a scheduler, and it's all neatly laid out in clean code and even comments. It also appears to have been coded with an awful lot of effort to ensure it's robust and measurable, with checking and tracing elements at every corner. I started to feel a little embarrassed by what we have as our own kernel. The more I looked at the code, the more it felt like it pretty much did everything the Linux kernel has been trying to do for ages. Not only that, but it's built like an aircraft, whereas ours looks like a garage job with duct tape by comparison.

As an aside, I did google a few terms they used which I hadn't seen before, and I was more than a little disappointed to find patents regarding the names... Sigh.

Now this would be a great time to take my comments out of context without reading on. The problem is that here was a scheduler that did exactly what I hate about what the Linux kernel scheduler is becoming. It's a monstrosity of epic proportions, and as far as an aircraft goes, it's like taking an Airbus A380 on a short joyride if you're running it on a desktop. It looks like a good, nay, great design for a massive airliner. By looking at it alone, I haven't got the foggiest what it might run like on a desktop. Now since I'm full of opinion and rhetoric and don't ever come through with any substance (maybe writing my own scheduler invalidates that?), I'm going to also say I can't even be bothered trying it, for you to confirm your suspicions about me.

...the Linux kernel (scheduler) suddenly looks like the Millennium Falcon. Real fast, but held together with duct tape, and ready to explode at any minute...."

So, he feels embarrassed over the Linux code, after studying Solaris? Hmmm....