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Thread: phpMyAdmin 4.0 Release Kills Off The Tables

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    Default phpMyAdmin 4.0 Release Kills Off The Tables

    Phoronix: phpMyAdmin 4.0 Release Kills Off The Tables

    phpMyAdmin, the popular browser-based software for MySQL database administration, has hit a significant milestone with the release of phpMyAdmin 4.0.0...

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    I may give it a try next week, if it finally works. At home, with Nginx+php-fpm, it only works for the first 2 minutes then I have php errors. So i switched to SQLBuddy, which does a pretty good job for day-to-day work (more specific is done command-line--eh, we are on Linux :P )

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    Funny title, I wondered what you meant. I'll try this sooner or later but I've shifted to PostgreSQL as much as possible. Sadly, phppgadmin isn't nearly as nice.

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    I generally prefer Adminer for quick DB administration. phpMyAdmin is an enormous application for short term use, although it isn't too bad if you plan on leaving it on a website permanently.

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