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Thread: Open-Source Radeon UVD Video Support On Fedora

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomeness View Post
    Anybody here understanding what this retard meant by “nvidia is not= to nouveau”?
    I suspect everyone understood it except you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomeness View Post
    So he is actually just stupid. Really stupid. I quoted to what I was answering to and that had absolutely nothing to do with Nouveau. The question was why I don't currently use video acceleration.
    I just put this complete retard on my ignore list. Calling me troll, just because he's too stupid to understand simple sentences… what a moron…
    You stop name calling first, since you started it.

    Next issue is for you to actually KNOW something before trying to answer anything from anyone. Might stop you from giving WRONG or NOT-APPLICABLE answers.

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