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Whether or not a particular option is used depends on the distro/target audience. As the article mentions this option is currently experimental (the kernel has always contained a few of those, you'll only see them if you tick "show experimental stuff"). Unless this option offers improvements for the average user, most distros will keep clear anyway. My guess: You'll not see this option in action any time soon, unless you build your own kernel.
The experimental point isn't actually true anymore Wildfire, they recently (month ago?) dropped the "Experimental" tickbox since code would improve but no one would ever go and change what heading it was under in the config, thus leading to everyone having to load "Experimental" features ANYWAY. Now experimental features are mixed in with the usual ones except they are supposed to begin with " *EXPERIMENTAL!* " Until such as time the maintainers feel the code is of sufficient quality to drop said warning.

I think, but am not positive, that until the change BTRFS was still mixed in under "Experimental" and yet all distros shipped it as an available option.