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Thread: Sound Blaster Z No sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLexMachine View Post
    Not coming from Creative. I'm dredging my memory so the details are fuzzy, but the Soundblaster Z cards are Intel HDA compliant and there's even a mobo integrated version of Z, so the upcoming improvements in audio consolidation will allow them to work properly with the Intel HDA driver that pretty much all the audio chips use, at least on a basic level, or so I read many months ago.
    They're not so compliant at least now at the moment lol I have been dealing with this head on since the my first post on here regarding this card an all variants. The problem is the current driver/codec in the snd-hda-intel driver is missing a lot of correct information allowing the kernel to properly interface with it. For starters it was originally made for the Chrome Book Pixel.

    Here is some of my correspondence with Ian Minett:

    Hello Ron,
    Thank you for getting in touch, and many apologies for the delayed response.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulty getting your SoundBlaster Z to work on your system under Linux. I was involved in the upstreaming of the Creative CA0132 codec to the ALSA repository, so I might be able to help provide some information on this.

    The CA0132 codec was originally intended for and designed to support the Chromebook Pixel hardware architecture. I'm sorry to say that this means that the current codec isn't expected to work on other products that have different architectures, such as the Z series. Thank you very much for all the information and details you provided though, it is much appreciated, and I hope they may come in useful at a later date.

    Best regards,
    - Ian
    I had received Ian's contact information from Takashi Iwai , as you know whom is an active ALSA kernel Developer. I've had correspondence with him relating to these cards he is missing vital information to code a proper driver/codec in which no one with the exception of Ian may have. Creative has been completely useless as both me and Taksashi have been trying to get some sort of correspondence with Creative Labs. It's one thing to say you're not going to help write a driver or make a driver whichever but the least Creative can do is give him the proper information and let the opensource Community handle it.

    Now I forwarded the above response over to Takashi in hopes both him and Ian can get an open dialogue going, they're both very busy so I don't know what's going on behind the scene. However I haven't stopped trying to get the thing to work on my own almost every single day since when I have the time lol.

    I basically can't get analogue sound out of it , I have been able to get Digital out working which I normally use anyway but this isn't going to be viable for the rest of the community. You can follow what I and others have been trying via the Bugzilla and Creative forums.

    Hopefully at some point we will get a working driver or codec patch for a future kernel soon but it's been real slow going especially since there is variants to the ca0132 setups like Recon3D, Blaster Z series, and as you mentioned on board audio setups which I think Asrock and Gigabyte make boards with such setups. Oh and I emailed Asrock as well being for whatever reason beyond me on one of the boards I looked up used the Realtek HDA codec while most of them are just packaging the creative drivers. So I'm not sure what that is all about either but I reached out never the less both to Asrock and Realtek in hopes they can shed some light on the information needed.

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    If their support sucks for Windows you could expect it also sucks for Linux. In short, do not buy sound cards from Creative Labs.
    Some people gotta learn the hard way.

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