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Thread: Go 1.1 Language Brings Performance Improvements

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vax456 View Post

    But that's enough for now. I feel like Go's a very useful language, at least for building servers. But you'll have to try it and decide for yourself.
    Ok, maybe I will.

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    Itís a very interesting language to use instead of C or C++ due to many improvements (speed of compilation, no need to write headers, garbage collection, relative simplicity of the language, more readable and maintainable code, ease of writing concurrent programs), but I havenít yet built anything with it. Google say they have, of course, as well as several other businesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbamber85 View Post
    Has anybody actually built anything with this language yet?
    Yes..., for example: PaaS software (cloud for web applications)

    and from Mozilla:

    The developers behind Heka also thought about using Rust (a language developed by Mozilla), but then decided to go with Go, because Rust will have too much changes in the future.

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