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Thread: Linux Game Development and a Qt Developers Rage

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    Default Linux Game Development and a Qt Developers Rage

    This is in response to

    Quote Originally Posted by uid313
    What is that?
    Where can I find more information about it?

    First off I have been a Linux developer for as long as it has publicly existed Gtk "8 years" and Qt "to date" I am only pointing
    this out for when you ask your self is this possible to pull off?

    So what is this LiquidPixel thing!!!! Well its a Software Development Toolkit used to build applications like ..

    Photoshop or Gimp, Illustrator or Inkscape, Premiere, Audacity, Unity 3D,
    AfterEffects or NukeX, Mudbox or Mari, MotionBuilder, Milkshape 3D

    Using Qt.

    I know what your thinking GTFO not possible. Just hold on there and let me explain for a minute....

    The thing is not only is this possible but has been for quite a few years now, the only thing thats blocking us from having the type of
    application I just described is "Politics" and "Compromise" in the Linux community. We could literally end Microsoft, Apple, Oracle,
    Autodesk, The Foundry, Adobe, Unity3D ... In a years time "IF....IF" we would all just work together. But we are not going to and we
    won't do purely to "Politics" and "Compromise".

    The reason this thing is in toolkit form is because it seriously violates the GPL in a big way as a single application.

    The solution was to build it in toolkit form, with each plugin implementing a particular feature, none of which on there own would
    land me in any legal trouble. The application you see below is what you get, other than that you have to download all plugins via
    its embedded bittorrent client, thats setup to look kinda like an app store.

    Consequently I ended up in a "KISS", "Make Small Incremental Improvements/Commit Frequently" and "Do one thing and do it well" type situation.

    The 3D view you see below is code forked from an old Qt MilkeShape 3D clone called "Misfit Model 3D" that was abandoned years and years ago, we got the application to
    compile under Qt 4.8 and then ripped it piece by piece into Plugin form.

    So what you get is a Milkshape 3d plugin that can talk to and interact with every other plugin installed. "Note" We are using Embedded Lua in this Demo"

    Image Editing Filters The first place I started was with GraphicsMagick (MagickCore and Magick++) as it was the easiest to start with,
    combined with what apis I had there I also read the ImageMagick "scripting" page? And was able to figure out what functions I could combine to create
    other cool filters and effects. Naturally I ended up with just about every filter and effect both photoshop and gimp offered out of the box. But in plugin form!! Yaaaa.

    The cool thing is all you have to do is expose whatever library your wanting to implement as a plugin, and then using PythonQt add in the logic or you could just use C++

    Plane Qt Widget Example

    C++ Code
        PythonQtObjectPtr mainModule = PythonQt::self()->getMainModule();
        mainModule.addObject("minSatSlider", ui->minSatSlider);
    Python Code ""
    I took the Milkeshape 3D clone plugin and started working on adding OpenMesh for working with triangles. Here is what OpenMesh can do for "subdivision"
    Note: Only OpenMesh standard demos are shown.

    From there I started working on Projection Painting using a makehuman model... Note this is using Ptex and wouldnt for for Games

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