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No doubt about it. There are plenty of ARM-based mini PCs around with specs higher than the Pi's, but they do cost a little bit more. I like the Hackberry and Cubieboard (both from http://www.miniand.com) a lot, although it takes a bit of effort to get Linux up and running on the Allwinner A10 SoC that they use, and I haven't been able to successfully use one with an everyday RGB-based DVI monitor. The next one I want to try is the Wandboard Dual (http://www.wandboard.org/), based on a Freescale SoC that is supposed to be better documented than the Allwinner offerings.

Actually dvi monitor support for Allwinner A10 devices has been fixed a while back. I know because I spend en entire weekend banging all the bits in the hdmi controller 1 bit a time unitl I found one which dropped it from hdmi to dvi mode

The A10 socs are being actively support by the linux-sunxi community, see:

If you want to give things a shot with a more recent linux-sunxi kernel + distro, try the ready-to-use (just dd to an sdcard) Fedora 18 images I maintain: