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Thread: Eight-Way BSD & Linux OS Comparison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yfrwlf View Post
    What in the hell does that have to do with me saying I've had bad problems with packages breaking on Fedora?

    Trolololo much?
    It has to do with you saying things about RPM packages in general, while you actually mean only YUM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yfrwlf View Post
    Again, wow. What does any of that have to do with universal package management for Linux that is out-of-repo? I never said anything about packages for SUSE, I don't give a shit about SUSE. I give a shit about the Linux ecosystem as a whole and how it's horribly stupid, non-standardized, and fragmented when it comes to a lack of packaging standards that allow you to easily install programs and their dependencies from anywhere.
    The site is not for some "walled garden" as you'd like to believe. It includes packages from the whole Open Build Service, which, surprise surprise, supports a variety of distributions. Here's an example. Other distributions don't support the 1-Click Install method, but you can download the RPMs just fine, or add the repository. The OBS also includes DEB support. Unlike the installers, which always end up being just a new competing standard, OBS allows to create native packages for each distribution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i386reaper View Post
    You are FUDing as 3 weeks ago I myself have tried FreeBSD 9.1 on a Thinkpad T40 with an Intel Card and compiled Xorg with KMS enabled (with fucking took 45 hours of my life) and what did I got when it did "startx"? Blank Screen had to restart the computer.\

    Claiming that something worked for you when it really didn't so not going to make your shitty BSD look better.
    Citation need

    Quote Originally Posted by i386reaper View Post
    What sort of work? Work that produces the kind of shit I suffered 3 weeks ago? It just goes to show that when BSD fucks implement "KMS" they don't mean Kernel-Mode-Setting like in Linux. No, they mean Kernel-Mode-Shitting.

    OpenBSD's "KMS" project would most likely fail because of the limitations of their shitty kernel design.
    Citation needed

    Quote Originally Posted by i386reaper View Post
    No, BSD fucks have mostly ignored of GPU driver and pretty much anything modern. They (as of 2013) are still in the 1970s and they keep denying the superiority of other systems. As what BADCODE said, they haven't even realised that they are not the only ones who are producing OSes (except of course MacOSX because they use it not BSD).
    Citation needed.

    And try to show some level of maturity and limit the swearing, this is a SFW forum and it doesn't reflect highly on you or your intelligence.

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