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Thread: SlateKit 0.2 Shell Improves Its Web-Browser

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    Default SlateKit 0.2 Shell Improves Its Web-Browser

    Phoronix: SlateKit 0.2 Shell Improves Its Web-Browser

    Last month I wrote about SlateKit Shell, a new Qt5/QML web-browser using WebKit and written entirely in QML and JavaScript. The second release of SlateKit is now out there for those entertained by this mobile-oriented open-source browser...

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    Default won't run...

    This looks very cool, but it won't run on raring when installed from the PPA. I get 'qmlscene: could not find a Qt installation of ''' when I try to run it from the terminal...

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    It would be very helpful if you provide the installation guide.I am also getting some problem while installing I thought I am forgetting some installation steps.

    click here for getting more information.

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