Nexuiz v2.4 is out with the following improvements:

- Completely new menu design and UI graphics, allowing easier server browsing, player setup, and game creation options such as gametype and mutators
- Two additional maps (Strength and BloodPrison CTF)
- Updated models for several items and three weapons, new gibs, and many texture improvements throughout the game
- Improved performance, networking, and memory usage
- Graphical improvements including water reflections, completely new particle effects, and improved fog rendering
- Improved bots, including AI improvements for CTF and Domination game modes
- Improved map voting system
This update is a really big one if compared to v2.3 and takes Nexuiz, the best free (as in...) shooter avaible, one step further with an awesome graphic engine and gameplay features. I really recommend this game to everyone!

There's also a new website and a new v2.4 gameplay trailer at the front site!

I would be pleased if this could make it in the Phoronix news...

- d2kx