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Thread: Libinput 0.12 Released, Stabilizes The Input Library's API/ABI

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    Default Libinput 0.12 Released, Stabilizes The Input Library's API/ABI

    Phoronix: Libinput 0.12 Released, Stabilizes The Input Library's API/ABI

    Libinput v0.12 was released over the night by Peter Hutterer as the last planned release of this input handling library to break the API/ABI. Libinput is on its path to version 1.0 for providing input handling on Wayland-based systems, X.Org (via the xf86-input-libinput driver), and other environments wishing to standardize their input handling...

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    Question Feedback from gamers?

    Have the developers for any feedback from gamers and gaming peripheral manufacturers?

    Gaming keyboards have macro buttons.
    There are various kinds of keyboards, such as chorded keyboards.

    How about input from virtual keyboards such as swipe gesture keyboards commonly featured on smartphones and tablets?

    Gamers expect to be able to use buttons on their mouse to change DPI while gaming and doing things like sniping.

    There are MMO mouse with an additional 12 buttons on the side. Such as the Razer Naga.

    Have they got accessibility feedback?
    Handicapped/disabled users may use weird input devices tailored to the blind or handicapped.

    Will it deal with braille input? How about voice input? How about HCI devices and neuro input?

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    Good news, still waiting on drawing/graphical tablet support though :P (and the post abopve has a point, gaming keyboards with macro keys can be a brutal pain in the backside to get to work on Linux, it's hard enough to get RGB Leds on keyboards working to begin with, macro keys should ideally be handled by input drivers like libinput for all these keyboards, although I realize it's a bit much to ask...)

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