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There already is. The APIs that are available on desktop Linux are available on most distros. Except that Ubuntu is trying to break that with Mir. They want their own special OS apart from the rest of the ecosystem. Ubuntu tries to be to Linux what MacOS is to BSD.

No, it really hasn't. It's a really bad thing. Wake the fuck up, you can't keep shoving your head in the sand forever.

I'm not American. That's the point here - people who have no chance to affect the matters in USA are being spied on. USA kills innocent civilians with drones, forces their legislation on other countries, acts like it can do whatever it wants and the world just has to deal with it... kind of like what Microsoft does in the software world.

What are you on about now? You're all over the place. Facebook already uses open source on it's servers. Open source doesn't make sense in the context of a web service. How do you define open source in a web service? The page source is readable to anyone. The software that runs the servers is open source. That's not even remotely the point here, open source can be used to do bad or good things just like closed source.

Bullshit. My computer is safe, because I don't allow microsoft spyware on it. I don't use google services, I don't use facebook, I encrypt my hard drive. I use Linux so I don't get spyware or trojans. That's again not the point. We don't have to accept that premise, we don't have to accept the surveillance. There can be an open internet without people getting spied on and their privacy violated. That's something we need to strive for.

Yeah I figured you'd say that. That's how they get you though. If you want to implement a police state, you can't spring it on people all at once. You have to take small steps, and make every step look "necessary" in order to "protect people" or for "national security" or some such bullshit. When the steps are small, people will give up their freedoms without even noticing it.

Microsoft wanted to implement Trusted Computing with their Palladium scheme. People were outraged, so they postponed it, and now they're going for the slow-n-steady approach.

This is a public forum, anyone can read this. And no, they can't trace my connection without the site owner's cooperation.

It sure as hell doesn't look like it.

So in other words, you care about ethics as long as it's convenient for you. Being ethical is always possible, it's a choice you have to make. You may have to sacrifice some comfort or luxury to do it, though. Kind of like how you have to pay a little bit extra if you want to buy fair trade coffee or ethically produced clothes or free range eggs.

Blah blah. Who cares? The average user doesn't need or want to install new drivers. Those who do, don't have problems using CLI.

Again, it won't last. When Ubuntu goes full-on Mir and isolates themselves from every other distro, and destroys compatibility with the Linux ecosystem... it will go badly for them.

Right, because you're supporting a criminal organization. You're practically paying protection money to them to maintain your level of comfort. So excuse me but I don't really envy you at all. I value my freedom more than comfort. I can do all the computing I need without being a slave to criminals.

.. in short, all i'm saying is that, provide me the same comfort with your "freedom". and we will se a massive amount of OEMs and people and software houses that will be very happy to rid themselves from this terrible, terrosist criminal.Or simply they will be happy to get rid of the microsoft tax.