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Thread: 11-Way Linux, BSD Platform Comparison

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    Default Main BSDs

    So, where is Freebsd, Netbsd and Openbsd?

    It would be interesting to show why under full load freebsd remains responsive to user commands when linux does not or slows down to a crawl.

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    Dammit Mageia, get your shit together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peppercats View Post
    In the Xonotic low benchmark, half of them are stuck at just nearly 60 FPS.
    Forget to turn off vsync?
    Agreed.. Half of the results are stuck at just below 60fps, and then there's one at 120fps. While PTS usually does what it can to disable vsync, it seems that it's possible that this game is still finding a way to sync to vblank.

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