I wrote in the past a lot about stuff like that: Gladio,MKULTRA,cia cooperation with facebook and so one.

And i'm sure here in the forum are some computer experts working for these people and organisations...

And in the past they told me stuff like: they only do there job against evil "Terrorists"

Thats a perspectivic psychological mistake because the "evil" people also thing they are the GOOD and they fight against the evil from the other(the good from the other perspective) side...

In my point of view its just not a solution to hurt every innocent people's privacy and freedome from suppression.

If people like Edward Snowden drop a 200 000 dollar paycheck per year and begging for asylum in dictatorship-china then something goes really wrong in the USA.

and now? here are many computer experts arround workingf for NSA they will read my artikle as always and then they will do nothing

submission and obedience are so convenient

Think about this: human right which you are granted to the enemy are the only human rights that you have ever had.