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Thread: Wine 1.6 Release Candidate 2 Is Out There

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    Default Wine 1.6 Release Candidate 2 Is Out There

    Phoronix: Wine 1.6 Release Candidate 2 Is Out There

    The second release candidate of Wine 1.6 is now available...

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    Hmm i was much more excited about Wine 1.4, it really improved the amount of things that worked. 1.6 does improve on things but no where as much. Was 1.4 a lot longer then 1.6?

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    Star Trek Online seems to work very well on this new wine release. Using the OSS radeon driver. It's not anywhere near native windows performance but it is very playable. No graphical glitches that I could see. Eve Online seems to have improved performance some but is otherwise still very playable. Sins of a Solar Empire still has the same slow to a crawl glitch that it always has. Civ V still has the same missing ground textures that it always has. Supreme commander still loads to a black screen glitch.

    So it does have some performance improvements, so much so that Star Trek Online is finally playable. But other games still exhibit the same glitches as older versions.

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    Seems their 16-bit support has regressed: Stars! is broken in 1.6.

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