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Thread: QFusion Game Engine Advanced With New Features

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    Default QFusion Game Engine Advanced With New Features

    Phoronix: QFusion Game Engine Advanced With New Features

    QFusion is the game engine that's derived from the Quake 2 code-base but has advanced a great deal and presently powers the popular open-source Warsow first person shooter. Since Warsow 1.0, the QFusion engine has advanced a great deal and the code has now been released...

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    Ahh nice to see that Warsow is switching to a bit more open development style it seems... although this and the recent departure of one of the main developers could be also interpreted as a "source-drop" as a last measure??? I hope that is not the case.

    Feature wise this engine actually seems really nice at first glance (especially that it has game-type scripting is rare of a >idtech1 derived engine), but there is a lack of good documentation on all the features and how to build a game on this engine.

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    The renderer is now aiming for OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility and optimal performance, well beyond what was found in the Quake 2 games. Now all GLSL shaders are also loaded from disk.
    How many times faster would the same scene, levels render on the same machine?
    Could you produce some meaningful (old and new comparable) benchmarks?

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