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Thread: AMD & NVIDIA's Linux Control Panels

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    In the 169.12, announce, it says the following:

    In addition, the source code for nvidia-installer, nvidia-settings, and nvidia-xconfig has been imported into git to improve accessibility.
    And the nvidia-settings stuff I found in here: I guess that means they are open-source now?

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    My biggest issue with AMDCCCLE is the fact it uses AMDPCSDB. When I was using the binary driver more often I would get very frustrated when I'd manually set something in xorg.conf and it won't work since AMDCCCLE was overriding it. Is there a command-line way to modify AMDPCSDB? Even so, its rather silly (and wasted effort) to have a whole seperate database subsystem for what amounts to a handful of options many of which have xorg.conf equivalents.

    As far as a control panel for the open source driver, I'm somewhat surprised there isn't a good driver neutral GUI for that. My only guess is that most drivers don't have a lot of options and they do seem to change rather frequently, so nobody tackled this issue.

    Since Nvidia's is open source and takes the right (IMHO) route of manipulating the driver via xorg.conf options, someone might want to extend it to all X drivers, including the open source radeon one.

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    krandrtray for kde4 is pretty good for setting up multiple monitors/tv-out, as is the gnome equivalent (I know there is one that uses xrandr 1.2), though I doubt either support multiple cards. They should work with nvidia cards too if the blob driver has xrandr support.

    I believe phoronix did report on lm-sensors being used for ATI's open source temperature monitoring.

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    I believe aticonfig -help gives you a list of all the options -- I'm told that everything in pcsdb can be edited through command line via aticonfig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanjo View Post

    As the article says:

    Are you trying to say that when nvidia-settings WRITE THE WRONG VALUES TO THE XORG.CFG it is actually my fault?

    It puts in the values for which side which monitor goes, it just screws it up...

    Havn't tried it with 169.12 though, maybe they have finally fixed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    I'm told that everything in pcsdb can be edited through command line via aticonfig.


    Persistent Configuration Store (PCS) Options:
    Following options will not change the config file. They are
    used to manipulate the PCS database. Due to their nature, these.
    commands may only be run by the root user. Note that the prefix
    and key names are not case-sensitive.
    Prints out the specified prefix and key from the PCS
    database. The type of data will be shown along with
    the contents.
    Sets an integer value at the specified prefix and key in
    the PCS database. The value may be specified in hex by
    prefixing it with 0x or in octal by prefixing it with 0,
    otherwise the value is assumed to be in decimal.
    Sets a string value at the specified prefix and key in
    the PCS database.
    Sets a raw binary value at the specified prefix and key in
    the PCS database. The value is specified as a series of
    hex bytes with no 0x or spaces.
    (e.g. --set-pcs-raw="TestSection,TestData,E84C0E" sets 3 bytes)
    Deletes the specified prefix and key from the PCS database.

    Though there is no "--list-all-pcs-options" option right now...

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    I would like to see a GUI for aticonfig!!

    And for AMDCCLE I think Michael's article feature wishes cover me too..

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    I would like to see a "system tray" tool (referred to as "panel applet" by GTK users), one such as the kind offered to Windows users that allows you to adjust all the driver features from a right-click menu and double-clicking it opens the CCC

    I agree with some of the features listed already, i.e. more advanced AA options. In particular, I desire "Filter-based AA" (some people call it Shader AA) including Edge-detect! Temporal AA would be cool too...

    Some other things I didn't notice anyone else asking (maybe I missed it): Adjustable Edge-enhancement and Denoise filters for XVideo

    Lastly I would like ATI to send my video card's OEM a 64k rom BIOS with Fan Control to fix my 3870's FAN never ramping with GPU Temp

    Michael can we get an ATI post icon? hehe

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