Hi folks,

I'm hoping that someone might be able to help with an issue I'm having setting up two independent X servers.

Basically I've recently got hold of a new 32" LCD TV. I can't at the moment afford to build a dedicated PC to run MythTV on the new TV so I figured I'd make use of the second video output on my desktop PC.

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 and at the moment I have an ATI Radeon X300 card in my PC which has dual DVI output with the first output going to my 17" LCD monitor (through a DVI to VGA adaptor) and the second monitor output is going to the TV via a DVI to HDMI cable.

I've managed to get both screens working with a mirrored display, but I can't seem to get it working. I've followed these instructions (but setting both PCI ID's to 1:0:0) but when I reboot it comes up with the failsafe configuration. I have also tried adding a second Radeon X300 card into the other PCI-E slot (I have an MSI P35 Neo2-FR board which is supposed to be SLI ready). I managed to find the second card on the PCI ID 2:0:0 and I altered the xorg.conf accordingly so one card was set to 1:0:0 and the other to 2:0:0 but that also doesn't work.

If I check under the Screens & Graphics tool under Administration it detects two graphics cards when one card is installed, and four graphics cards when two cards are installed, but it comes up with two screens both labelled Screen 1, and either can be setup as the default or disabled but not one setup as one screen and the other set up as a secondary screen.

I'm really stumped now. I've been trying to use the ATI driver but I'm not having any luck (I've also attempted MergedFB but that doesn't work either).

Can anyone possibly help?