So, I've been playing the Legends of Aethereus beta on Linux Mint 13 64-bit and it's a very fun game but so far its multiplayer lobby has been dead which has previously given me concerns this game hasn't been able to establish a large following. That, and its near defunct forums. It seems I guessed correctly and saw firsthand how bad the problem was this last Saturday when the developers started a media campaign/beta key giveaway event to attract a larger crowd.

Threegates, the developing studio, hosted a stream of live gameplay footage from their in house developer client of the game on Twitch and were actively answering any questions about the game. They advertised on their forums, facebook, and twitter a couple of days beforehand that during the live stream they would be giving away free beta keys to random people watching the stream that claimed in chat to not yet have beta access. It initially carried the stipulation that a beta key would only be issued for every 10 facebook/twitter likes on their pages. Well, it didn't seem to go so good. I showed up to see how it went and there was only a total of 20 people viewing their Twitch channel at any given time during the whole stream. In the end only three people during the stream indicated they would like a key, I didn't ask for one because I've already pre-purchased the game and have beta access. Each of the three that asked for a key were given one.

The developer hosting the live stream said before leaving that there were plans to hold the event again this coming weekend. He mentioned it most likely going to be on Friday but had no time decided as of yet.

If they do hold the event again they will announce on this page beforehand if anyone would like try for a beta key:

Just thought I'd share.