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Thread: Oracle To Work On Mesa Driver For VirtualBox

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    Do you honestly think Oracle gives a crap about gaming in Virtualbox? do you honestly think that is their motivation and what their *paying" customers are after??? ~ hint: Oracle's business with Virtualbox is not gaming ~ that should be fscking obvious, dumb ass.
    This is what you said... Are you going to try and pretend that you didnt? I never said that, you did. Not me... You.... Who's the dumbass that can't comprehend what his own words? You are.

    I never said that Oracle designed virtualbox for gaming. I never said that Oracle cares about gaming. I never said anything at all about the motivations of Oracles paying customers. I never said that Oracles business with virtualbox is gaming..... Those are -YOUR- words in the quote above. Not mine. Yours.

    Next time you try to say that you didnt say something, maybe you should read what you wrote first. The next time you decide to call someone a moron, maybe you should look in the mirror. It's you that can't comprehend your own words.

    If anybody here is a dumbass it's clearly you.

    What I did say is that virtualbox doesnt need to be designed for gaming to have a virtual GPU that is capable of gaming. It doesnt need maximum performance, it just needs adequate performance.

    EDIT: OK maybe I'm being harsh.. I think I'm probably getting flustered by a 14yo kid in jr high learning about computers from his math teacher that has heard about linux and thinks he knows what a GPU is.
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