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    Hello my neardy friends.

    Once again I need an advice from you!

    I need an advice about 3 devices. All 3 are for gaming.

    1) Mouse. I have really bad luck with mice. I have 2 working mice from Roccat. One is wifi, and it gets interfered, so not very usable.
    Second is very dumb, i like it dumb BUT... It's made that way, that by very simple actions, that are beyond my control mouse in rather random way resets dps from max to min, when I play online game. My neighbors, sometimes in the middle of the night get to know what i think about Roccat.(probably they don't deserve it, both Roccat and neighbors) Basically it's just not compatible with me on physical level. So I need advice on good Linux mouse. Something rather big, for my sausage fingers :P
    Basically it must not reset DPS if press two side buttons together from 2 different sides.(Roccat Kova)

    2) I really want joystick for X3 and alikes. It should be: compatible with Linux, mobile(i cant take it out and put back on) and not too expensive.

    3) Playstation like controller. I am not sure I want it that much, i shall consider buying it.

    I am not sure i have those old gaming ports, so it probably should be USB compatible.
    Any suggestions are welcome.
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