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Thread: AMD Southern Islands vs. NVIDIA Fermi/Kepler On Gallium3D

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotwig View Post
    I find it rather sad that you compare a newer Radeon driver, with an older Nouveau driver...
    Hint: they are exactly as new, from the very same mesa version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonadow View Post
    even when locked to their lowest speeds the top-end Nvidia cards still outperform the Radeons.

    Although Im very curious whether Michael was using the auto-generated firmware created by the Nouveau driver or if he actually extracted the binary Nvidia driver firmware for use in the experiment.
    Hint: My Radeon 7850 also defaults to a low default clock speed. The high-performance clock specified in the VBIOS is 860Mhz, but the default clock speed on the 3.9 kernel is ~160-180Mhz. The memory is similarly slowed down from the high-performance speeds.

    We'll see what happens when some tests of 3.11 kernels are done with radeon.dpm=1. I have a feeling that the SI cards will get a bit faster at that time.

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