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Thread: XenServer Is Now Fully Open-Source

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    Default XenServer Is Now Fully Open-Source

    Phoronix: XenServer Is Now Fully Open-Source

    Citrix has announced this week that XenServer 6.2 is now fully open-source software...

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    that will shake up things a little in the open source virtualisation land

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    Default Fail on the performance Per Watt computation ...

    there is an error in theperformance per watt computations..
    I hope it isn't in the PTS itself :

    - You calculate the performance per watt by dividing the power consumption by the time it took to run. While I agree that the time should be on the denominator, the power should be too ! More power used doesn't make for more performance PER watt (here is the hint...)

    Your formula : powerUsed / time = XX Watts/seconds = POWER times performance... has nothing to do with performance PER watts.
    CORREST FORMULA : 1[or any number, I chose 10000 for lisibility] /( time * powerUsed) = XX seconds-1.watts-1 (performance is in seconds-1)

    By the way I'm not just saying that because you made a mistake, it changes the conclusion (which was very odd) :
    no, overclocking doesn't improve (drastically !!!) the performance per watt, it reduces it, like it has always done.
    Overclocking is using a CPU out of it's optimal conditions, so of course efficiency decreases, as performance increases.

    My results for the C-ray test :

    Time PERF WATTS PERF/WATT (Seconds-1 / Watts)
    A5800 39,92 250,50 113,00 2,2168230266
    A6800 36,89 271,08 112,00 2,4203229679
    A6800 (4.7GHz) 33,05 302,57 160,00 1,8910741301

    Most efficient is A6800 at stock speed.

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    Wrong thread, and pointing out that "lisibility" is not a word in English (it's a Frenchism, a pet peeve of mine).

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