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Thread: Professional audio software Reaper potentially coming to Linux

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    Thumbs up Professional audio software Reaper potentially coming to Linux

    I have just found out that the developers of the Digital Audio Workstation software Reaper ( (Wikipedia) are looking into a Linux port.

    In contrast to similar proprietary audio software like Cubase, Reaper is availabe at a comparatively low price ($60 for the non-commerial, $225 for the commercial license); according to the developers, in the interest of their users it comes without DRM protection.

    Reaper has always had great support on Wine (see AppDB entry), and there is even a community-made live distro that comes with a trial version and is tuned for real-time.

    However, Reaper users have frequently asked for a native Linux version in their forums, and now it looks like the developers are looking into it (see this thread). They are actually looking for developers to support their efforts:

    Not much new here, just making sure all of the latest updates work. Might spend some time integrating FreeType though, to get things progressing more (for fun).

    If any GDK/GTK/QT/whatever hackers want to make some money, let us know, we'd be happy to put some cash bounties out for big libSwell functionality improvements...
    This is great news for audio editing on Linux!

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    I was using Reaper in WINE, until wineasio stopped working with it due to a glibc upgrade, and the wineasio developer can't reproduce the bug. Now I'm forced to boot into Windows.

    I can't wait for a Linux version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plgaming View Post
    This is great news for audio editing on Linux!
    What makes you think this? GDK/GTK/QT are all available and used on Windows as well.

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    Default Remember Winamp 3?

    I don't want to spoil you, but this is the same development team who wrote Winamp, and, specifically, Winamp 3. We can expect software as supported as is Winamp 3 Alpha for Linux...

    ...oh wait...

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    Do we have any updates on the situation?

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