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Thread: Qt 5.1 Finally Released With Lots Of Good Features

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    Default Falsehood

    Quote Originally Posted by carewolf View Post
    No, he is funkSTAR.
    Funkstar suddenly stopped writing in: 12 March 2013.
    "Honton" suddenly joined Phoronix in: 14 April 2013.

    Funkstar-Prankster fools no one. The falsehood has been discovered again.

    There are a lot of false commentators out there.

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    And a few days before the last performance of "Funkstar"... someone entered the self-proclaimed "prodigy_" user in Phoronix. Look at some of posts of him and what he was answered:
    [Qt is a] half-proprietary toolkit.

    Does it sound familiar?

    Like if he could fool everyone.
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