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Thread: Oculus SDK Update Officially Supports Linux

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    Default Oculus SDK Update Officially Supports Linux

    Phoronix: Oculus SDK Update Officially Supports Linux

    Version 0.2.3 of the Oculus SDK for the popular virtual reality (VR) headset was released yesterday. While we know they have been planning to officially support Linux, with this new v0.2.3 SDK the support is finally here...

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    very good to see faster lin support

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    Awesome! Been waiting for a good excuse to get an Oculus Rift dev kit :-)

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    Yay, we get support for dead end technology!

    The Rift suffers from the same things killing off 3DTVs, only more so. Most people apparently can't wear one for more then half an hour without having to give up due to the strain headaches it causes and it doesn't work at well all for those wearing glasses.

    If you want 3D build a holographic display system so that you don't have to put something on your head to use it.

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