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Thread: Linux 3.11 Will Allow For Windows RT Wine Support

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    Default Linux 3.11 Will Allow For Windows RT Wine Support

    Phoronix: Linux 3.11 Will Allow For Windows RT Wine Support

    A patch that was committed for the Linux 3.11 kernel will allow more Microsoft Windows RT / ARM applications to now run with Wine...

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    Wine is trying to do amazing things, being compatible with basically all Windows versions. Not sure how many people will actually use RT apps, but it's always nice to have support.

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    Cool It was long ago when I read

    the two words "windows" and "3.11" in the same sentence.
    This time, luckily, "Linux" leads.

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    IMO the article messes up two things:
    1. Applications targeting WinRT
    2. Applications targeting WinAPI compiled for ARM

    I see no reason why 2 shouldn't work - 1st however might be affected by kernel

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    Isn't that a bit academic? There are not Win32 for ARM applications being developed, since 1) They can't get into MS's store and 2) They may not even be able to be installed onto a WinRT tablet without rooting it. Microsoft reserved Win32 for ARM for ONLY the copies of Office and IE they have preinstalled on the tablet.

    Anyway, the fact of the matter is Linux for ARM used to do nothing with this particular register on ARM (Linux apps don't use it, so it was not saved, restored, or modified on task switch); this would *probably* have worked with WinRT apps if you only were running one Windows app. Then, to prevent unauthorized information passing, a ptach made it so the kernel would zero out the register on task switch. Now, this register is saved and restored.

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