Hi, everyone,
Please forgive that I am newbie for Ubuntu. So please let me know if I made mistakes.
PC onfiguration:
CPU: AMD A4-5300
Mother board: FM2A55M-DGS
VGA: AMD Radeon HD 7480D

After I followed the instruction on cchtml wiki to install 13.6 beta driver, I met a problem like this:
It occurred when I use a Chinese ibus input method "pinyin".
The picture displays like this:

But it should have been like this:

There is obviously a grey line cross the pane.

But if I do not use 13.6 beta driver or 13.4 final driver but leave the default driver goes with Ubuntu 13.04, there is no such problem.
You know, poor VGA performance with default driver.
Is there anyone who knows how to deal with such problem?