I've been reading the whole pdf file about the phoronix test suite, and i find something is missing.

I mean, surely someone can start doing tests just for fun and reverse engineer some processes, but here's my two cents on how to improve in the phoronix documentation:

  1. Add a "howto" section: basic test execution, and explain messages and questions.

For example, i get asked:

    Would you like to save these test results (Y/n): y
    Enter a name to save these results under: dobby-pybench
    Enter a unique name to describe this test run / configuration: dobby
But what does the question mean? The third question seems actually redundant, but i know it isn't, and I think someone should explain somewhere what does question refer to, and what are they going to influence. That's probably going to be just obvious for original authors, but it isn't for casual users or novices (like me, for example).

  1. What files are produced? And where? What formats? How to parse/use them?

I think it's important to state clearly what files is PTS going to write, where will they be located and how to parse/use them later.

Example: i ran a test. Where should I look for results?

Say i want to compare result for a certain test on machine A with results for the same test on machine B. How do i do that?

Why isn't that explained anywhere?

Say that one month later i get a new machine and want to recall machine A and B results, run the same test and compare results, how to do that ?

I think practical explanation on how to do things would be appreciated.