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On the issue of Mir. The main stink for Canonical for Wayland was event handling. In a nutshell, Wayland did not have a rich enough system for user events. If you take a look at http://wayland.freedesktop.org/docs/html/, you will see that Wayland's event system is lacking and not particularly rich. There was a long blab on the Wiki of Mir about the why, it was not a NIH issue, there were serious concerns with respect to input.
Two issues here:

1. They could have discussed these issues with the Wayland devs to see if improvements could have been made
2. They could have just used their own extensions (Wayland supports extensions) rather than starting over from scratch

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Going on, I noticed a comment about OpenGL being too linked/reliant on X to use with Wayland. Epically wrong. The main issue is creating a GL context. Now, for X, one uses GLX (gee). However, EGL has a provision to create OpenGL (not just OpenGL ES) contexts as well.
That is not what the wayland website says:

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At any rate, on desktop, the only player in Linux land that can get us out of X is Canonical. They are the only ones with enough clout to convince IHV's (namely NVIDIA and AMD/ATI) to make it possible to create GL contexts and such without X.
Baloney, as has been explained over and over and over again. NVidia and AMD/ATI care almost exclusively about workstations for Linux. That is where essentially all of their revenue comes from (that and high-performance computing). And those use RHEL (and derivatives) and SLES almost exclusively. And both RHEL and SLES are already dedicated to Wayland. If it was only for desktop distros like Ubuntu, we almost certainly wouldn't have NVidia or AMD/ATI providing drivers at all. There just isn't any money right now in desktop Linux, but there is a lot of money in workstations.

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Wayland has been around for several years now, and still nothing has been made for it that is used a great deal. My thinking of the why is essentially those folks are not in a position to push it to the correct people at the correct IHV's.
No, the reason is that wayland is not used enough on their core market: workstations. But it will be, and they know it. That is why they are working on improving their EGL support right now, and have been since long before Mir was announced.