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No disrespect, but you should go back in time to 1991 and stay there or maybe you should switch OS and start using some conservative stuff like OpenBSD or something. Linux has always advanced and that is one of many reasons why it is so awesome to use Linux. Linux will always stay open and hopefully many of the things running on top of Linux will keep on being open. However, if someone wants to port some proprietary software to Linux, why complain? Don't use it if you do not like paying for it.

Who are you to tell people what OS they should run?

I have developed software for Linux since 1998 all my private coding is under Free BSD license because I like to share. I do not expect everybody to share.
I subscribe all of this.
I like Open Source software i really do, but i hate those hardcore fans to it how can't see that for linux to grow needs the help of Closed Source
This help will not change the openess of the linux.

Look at steam for example, because of Steam and humble bundleAMD and NVidia or even Intel, have been supporting a lot the drivers, games have being arriving to it, engines are getting ported, openCL support gets better and better.
All of that because of a little Closed source Software.