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To fully run GNOME (so not individual applications) under Wayland, at least the following is required:
1. GDM running under Wayland and being able to start X sessions still
2. GNOME shell running under Wayland as well as X
3. GNOME shell Wayland being able to run X applications
4. XWayland needs to work properly, otherwise you're really limited in the amount of applications you can run

Note: Above is just the basics! There is a Wayland branch for GNOME shell, but for full support you want GNOME shell to be able to run under Wayland as well as X.

For real support, way more things need fixing:
1. Webkit under Wayland
2. Sub surfaces (seems to be ok now)
3. Wacom tablet support (poor atm, seems to need new a protocol)
4. All kinds of things like clipboard management, xrandr, input devices (maybe a new libevdev which can be shared across compositors and can be used by Mir), etc
5. colour support, should be working already

For individual applications, about 65% of the official GNOME applications already work under Wayland. See https://wiki.gnome.org/Wayland/Applications.
65% is way bigger than what i was thanking damn i hope Wayland Fix's Gnome so i can use it once more

Edit maybe we will see it in the Arch Repo's soon