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Thread: Canonical Releases Mir 0.0.7 Display Server

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    Default Canonical Releases Mir 0.0.7 Display Server

    Phoronix: Canonical Releases Mir 0.0.7 Display Server

    One week after Mir 0.0.6, a Canonical engineer has now tagged Mir 0.0.7 for their experimental display server for Ubuntu Linux...

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    Clang over GCC… at least one sane choice over there at NIH headquarters…

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    Quote Originally Posted by BO$$ View Post
    Speed is of the essence! Go Canonical! Show'em how it's done. Don't listen to the hypocrites. There can be only one. One distro to rule them all!
    oh Look Wayland 1.2 Released we best do a Release of Mir to Show off are Superior technologies and Development (the funny part is there is none) and how fast Mir is Moving
    Canonical Kinda reminds me of North Korea

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