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Thread: Two Hacks For The NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFSworks View Post
    Oh, not at all! Here's what my xorg.conf looks like:
    Note: I'm not an expert at writing xorg.conf's, so please don't use mine as a prime example. Also, I don't know if those timings are optimal, but they do produce pretty stable 120Hz output for me at least.
    Note #2: When you use NoEdidModes, the nvidia driver seems to insert 800x600 mode on its own. Using this mode will not work; your monitor will start displaying a bunch of test patterns until you set it back to 2560x1440.

    For an explanation on all of the driver options, see Appendix D of the driver manual.

    Hope this helps!
    That worked great, thanks!

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    Going beyond that limit may produce undefined results or non-compliant behavior.

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