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Thread: KWin Getting Closer To KDE Frameworks 5 Support

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    Default KWin Getting Closer To KDE Frameworks 5 Support

    Phoronix: KWin Getting Closer To KDE Frameworks 5 Support

    Martin Grlin took a break from his KWin Wayland enablement work to instead temporarily focus on getting the KDE window manager up and running with Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5...

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    opening trello account, this look like fun

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    On related news. There is a recent post from Sebastian Kugler about the future graphics stack in Kubuntu:

    Nothing new: XOrg for now, Wayland at some point in 2014. But it was reassuring to see this, because I think I'll upgrade my Kubuntu 11.04 Haswell desktop to 11.10 to avoid running so much software from PPA's as I am (which breaks things a bit every once in a while, despite running incredibly fast). I would not upgrade if Kubuntu was thinking of a risky move at this point. I am also glad they are sticking to the Wayland side (they would consider MIR if things improved significantly on that side, not based on today's information).


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