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Thread: XBMC Ported To Run On Mir Display Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by dee. View Post
    If the best argument for Mir is that having the competition somehow improves Wayland (which is a dubious claim at best, void of any evidence), wouldn't it be even better if instead of Mir, all that effort would be put into... oh I don't know, maybe improving Wayland directly???

    And just because one application has been ported to both Wayland and Mir doesn't mean that it's going to all be sunshine and cookies from thereon. There's still issues like games, proprietary software that gets ported from other platforms, esp. windows where the developers are used to one environment, one everything, no questions asked. Do you think everyone will go through the trouble of developing 2-3 different backends for their software? No, most likely they'll just use X because it's the lowest common denominator that runs on everything.
    First of all I will just say that you dont have evidence for the opposite.

    Second so you are saying that it would be better if we had one opensource media player, browser, office suite, distribution, de, display server except you approve otherwise in each case. I am sorry that's not open-source. Open source means forking. And of course NO ONE can stop you from creating or forking under gplv3. Don't like it. Don't use it. Don't port your app there. or port it and charge it. I can't see any problem there. Mir's problem.

    Third in every project someone must take decisions. Why should Canonical and Wayland cooperate when there is clearly a direction problem between them. Mir is costing Canonical reputiation and money. Shuttleworth is not insane. Stop being haters and think more before judge anything. The easy solution was supporting Wayland. But was the best? I think Canonical is affraid to say public that Wayland is not viable for them. probably for technical reasons. I strongly believe that Ubuntu Touch wouldn't be in that state today with Wayland. Thats of course mine affair.

    And last but not least to prove that forking is good i will let you compare today Gnome and Unity. Objectively Unity is more polished, modern, productive, feature rich and as Phoronix proved faster DE. Could Canonical do the same feature changes under Gnome? Of course not! You have an answer why Mir exist now.
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