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Thread: OpenGL Drivers and HD8670D system

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    Default OpenGL Drivers and HD8670D system

    Hello all,

    Sorry if this has been exposited to death, but I am having many problems with the OpenGL subsystem on my Linux Mint 15 box, with an AMD A10-6800k/ HD8670D APU.

    At the moment, QtCreator refuses to acknowledge any of the OpenGL files I need to compile QGroundControl, and likewise, Chrome reports "WebGL not supported. Use Chrome 9+" when I am sure I've gotten the latest version from apt repos, then from Googles website. Thats two co-incidences I don't like, and suggests to me something is borked in the OpenGL subsystem (although I could be wrong, please forgive my inexperience with modern video drivers if so).

    Additionally, I have pulled the latest fglrx drivers and Catalyst out of the apt repos, but I seem to be missing something vital.

    Can anyone explain to me what I'm missing, and how to fix it?

    Many thanks!


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