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I think DPM doesn't work well.
Just look GPU clock 10 times per seccond and divide by ten
After using computer for a while
Power state of my GPU HD6850 is like that:

P0: 703 Seconds
P1: 119 Seconds
P2: 9372 Seconds !!!

Means more than %90 of the time, my GPU is in High power state.

Indeed with latest Mesa and sitting on Idle state on my GTK3 desktop Power State switching P0 to P2 without apparent reason.

I watch with my GPU with readeontop and don't see any bottleneck on my GPU. There are no use but power state jumps to P2.

I think power switching algorithm need some tune up.

Edit: You can inspect your GPU power states with this Python script
#!/usr/bin/env python
import time
while 1:
   x=int(state[state.find('power level')+12])
   if x >=0 and x <=2:
      print state
   print "P0:",a[0]/10 ,"P1:", a[1]/10, "P2:", a[2]/10
i noticed too that my 7770 Ghz edition jump to highest values at most minimal load and go back to minimal directly but i can wait for later revision, im happy enough it reclocks