I was using an old PS3 eyetoy as a webcam which albeit small resolution, had great sound recording, a physical switch between resolutions, an blue led to indicate on, and a red one to indicate recording. It had a funny glitch that I had to plug it out and in to activate sound.

Due to hangouts(Google) which works surprisingly well in Linux...albeit a big CPU hog, I treated myself to a cheap upgrade from Amazon eSecure - USB 8MP(it's a lie) 8 LED Web Cam http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Which works out of the box. The LED's nightlight is great if your using the webcam...annoying when your not. I miss the led indicators...without them my web cam has got creepy. I was surprised I had to manually focus the camera. Saying all the quality is higher Transmission Rate: (640x480) 30 F/S.

I think what is desirable in a webcam
  1. Highest Quality at 60 F/s
  2. LED On and Active Indicators
  3. USB Only(Not separate Microphone) connector
  4. LED Night-lights with additional hardware switch
  5. Possibly hardware focus
  6. Linux out the box

Its impossible to pick one out from a list as real details are obscured windows only software features(clutter) which is useless on Linux (and I wouldn't want on windows) as well as fake software Megapixel density!? bumps.

Any Suggestions.