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Thread: Canonical Starts Work On Mir Multi-Monitor Handling

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    Also committed on Tuesday with another revision a new --nested-mode option for running a Mir Display Server in a nested configuration atop an already present Mir process.
    Please do your homework. While the commit indeed adds the option the code clearly throws an exception if used because Mir-on-Mir is deliberately not supported yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renox View Post
    Ericg your message is self-contradictory: if it is X fault, how KDE can fix it as it is still running on X?
    kscreen is a workaround for the limitations of X. One of the reasons it took so long to implement something like kscreen is because it is hard to do under X.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    Interesting. I'm using a pair of 1080p monitors. What DE are you using?
    Unity 12345678910

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