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Thread: July Was An Incredible Month For Linux Users

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    Default July Was An Incredible Month For Linux Users

    Phoronix: July Was An Incredible Month For Linux Users

    With the end of the month comes our recap of the major Linux happenings for the past 31 days with our enthusiast, graphics, and hardware bent on the open-source operating system...

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    Default really don't want my Bitcoins(HiM, Humble indie Money). That's the conclusion I have. Of course all other "real money" is ok to get a premium account here on Phoronix. Other "real money" like USD, EUR, JPY etc. Maybe you should follow Humble Bundle inc's example of using Coinbase so you get your "real money" after we send you our Humble indie Money.
    Good site btw
    Michael, you have celebrity status, as you're the one who first told us about Steam for linux. After that news that's why I started reading your site more thoroughly and subscribed to the RSS. Gaming is gonna bring linux forward...
    Last edited by powdigsig; 08-01-2013 at 11:06 AM. Reason: Bitcoin is now Humble Indie Money

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    Turns out I need PayPal account to subscribe, but for donations I need none, so...

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