To begin with: Phoronx is one of the best benchmarking and testing tools available. Thanks for this great tool.

But now to the big Problem I have: I definetly need an offline version.

I read about the two posts and how to download the tests and make available offline on another pc. But I have to check *many many* PCs in a row especially very old ones and compare them in performance and defective hardware. (all non profit! To make them available for people who have no money to buy new PCs)

I was thinking about sth. like this:

If there was a command that downloads all needed files onto an USB drive. Then
You boot from DVD as before. With a command you can change the "repo" from "~/.phoronix-test-suite/download-cache/" to lets say this USB drive/cache where all files are availyble. The files can be installed from there and the testing can begin.

First: All files could be kept up-to-date by reconnecting the USB drive to the internet.
Second: No installation of Phoronx needed. Just boot from DVD and run tests.
Third: Fast testing of many PCs without the need of internet connection.
Fourth: On this USB drive the results could be saved too.
Fifth: Favourite test links could be put on the USB drive too and run from there.

Is there a chance to download a release version like this? Maybe I miss something?

Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this.


PS: Sorry for my bad english but I am not a native speaker