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Thread: Nouveau Gets 13 Commits For NV50

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    Default Nouveau Gets 13 Commits For NV50

    Phoronix: Nouveau Gets 13 Commits For NV50

    Yesterday the RadeonHD driver had 55 commits, which consisted of major code restructuring and laying down the groundwork for TV-Out support and most notably the open-source support for the Radeon HD 3400 / 3600 series (Radeon HD 3650 Linux review). Today the Nouveau developers are in the spotlight with their own arsenal of new open-source NVIDIA activity. Maarten Maathuis had committed 13 changes to xf86-video-nouveau, all of which impact the NVIDIA NV50 GPUs...

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    I wonder if these two problems are fixed in the G80 support:
    - the driver crashes when stopping the X server (video output dies until reboot)
    - tendency towards locking up after being used for a while

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    I can't wait for the day I can use my g84 gpu with open drivers and decent 2d support. Nvidia don't seem to care about the basic 2d component anymore as a result basic desktop operations are horrendously slow. Hopefully 2d drivers will be here sooner than later

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